Special polypropylene fibre for concrete and gunite

SikaFiber®-12-34 is a high quality, 100% virgin, monofilament polypropylene fibre, coated with a surfactant to improve initial dispersion and bond with the cement paste, designed for the prevention of concrete spalling in the event of fire. It also reduces the occurrence of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking whilst enhancing the surface properties and durability of a cementitious matrix. Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic condition

  • Helps maintain the integrity of the whole structure in the event of fire
  • Reduces future repair costs
  • Provides passive fire protection to both shotcrete and cast concrete and an extremely cost effective solution when compared to alternatives such as sprayed coatings or barrier methods
  • Beyond enhancing spalling resistance, addition of polypropylene fibres to wet shotcrete improves the ability to apply greater thicknesses in a single pass, reduces rebound, enhances early age crack control, reduces line pressure in spray pumps and may reduce the dosage of set accelerator